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日本語 (クリックで開く / click to open)



0号の編集はNice Gear Gamesに協力をいただきました。


Mimi and animals by ひでぶぅ

Mimi and animals


わだつみのこだま by Image Labo

わだつみのこだま // Resonance of the Ocean


鳥獣妖怪戯画 by Nice Gear Games

鳥獣妖怪戯画 // Choju Yokai Giga


湯圓 [tong jyun] by npckc

湯圓 [tong jyun]


タヌキくんの春さんぽ by 里山のおと

タヌキくんの春さんぽ // Tanuki's Spring Walk


English (クリックで開く / click to open)

What is douZINE anyway?

同ZINE / douZINE is a zine (doujinshi) that showcases doujin and indie games from developers based in Japan. Some people might think the indie label is a high hurdle, but anybody can be an indie game dev if they want! The zine will be released digitally here on itch.io as well as physically at events. The goal of 同ZINE is to share games made with the doujin and indie dev spirit with the world.

Issue #0 was co-edited by Nice Gear Games.

Issue #0 Games

Mimi and animals by Hidebu Games

Mimi and animals

This is an adventure game starring a little girl named Mimi. Rescue animals and go on an adventure.

Resonance of the Ocean by Image Labo

わだつみのこだま // Resonance of the Ocean

Pick up what the waves wash ashore to make instruments to answer the echoes from beyond the ocean.

Choju Yokai Giga by Nice Gear Games

鳥獣妖怪戯画 // Choju Yokai Giga

Collect animal cards and defeat yokai in this action+deckbuilding hybrid.

湯圓 [tong jyun] by npckc

湯圓 [tong jyun]

A little chat about cooking & culture. Play as Polly, a Chinese-American woman learning to make tong jyun.

Tanuki's Spring Walk by satoyama note

タヌキくんの春さんぽ // Tanuki's Spring Walk

Tanuki takes a walk, gathers wild plants, and heads to Kitsune's house in this visual novel. (English translation added for 同ZINE!)

Updated 12 days ago
Published 24 days ago
Author同ZINE // douZINE
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
TagsDeck Building, japanese, zine


Get this zine and 5 more for $7.50 USD
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